The IIP proposes to undertake a range of activities subject to availability of resources. Initially a core set of activities will be focused on which will be expanded as the situation unfolds and initial activities are consolidated adding value to policy making and strategy formulation in the country. Specific activities of IIP shall include, but not be limited to the following:

  1. Promotion of independent thinking;
  2. Promotion of independent discourse of ideas connecting nationally and globally;
  3. Undertaking independent research on public policy;
  4. Conducting workshops, seminars, meetings, conferences and round table;
  5. Publications of policy notes, working papers, monographs and policy flyers;
  6. Advocacy for policy issues of national and global relevance and importance;
  7. Communications and national, regional and global networking through ICT and interactive website;
  8. Serving on advisory panels on request and providing direct advisory services to policy makers in national and global interest;
  9. Policy support to the governmental, intergovernmental and other statutory bodies; and
  10. Awarding scholarship, sponsorship, prizes and internship.