Aims and Objectives

The principal aims and objectives of the Trust shall be to promote inclusive economic development in Bangladesh, generating awareness and sharing knowledge of economic development as well as to raise funds for the specific Trust objectives which include among others:


  • To research and advocate the institutional and policy architecture for promoting inclusive development in Bangladesh. The aim is to help Bangladesh develop an institutional and policy framework that allows people to benefit from an effective social welfare state;
  • To develop high quality monographs including detailed written studies addressing particular issues that the Trust will, from time to time, be requested to develop;
  • To develop and publish policy briefs and recommendations on subject matter that the Trust may from time to time address;
  • To build upon positive working relationships and collaborative partnerships between corporations, private sector, non-profit organizations, academic institutions and government entities;
  • To enter into appropriate financial, technical or other collaboration, franchise arrangement, affiliation, joint ventures with Bangladeshi and/or international societies, institutes, schools, funds, embassies, government entities, companies, foundations etc. for the purpose of carrying on and achieving the various objects of the Trust;
  • To grant aid or render assistance to other relevant public or charitable trusts or institutions and to raise funds and accept donations, grants, loans or other financial assistance from any government, private or other institution or agency for use in work consistent with the purposes and objectives set out in the Trust;
  • To form any organization, institution or subsidiary to increase available resources for the Trust at any point in the future and to do all other such lawful things as are incidental or conducive to achieve the objectives contained herein.

The Trust shall be at all times a non-profit entity. The income or the property of the Trust, howsoever derived, shall be applied solely and in its entirety towards the activities and the promotion of its objectives. The Board of Trustees consists the flowing members: Dr. Ashikur Rahman, Dr Abul Kalam Azad and Barrister Arafat Hosen Khan.