The IIP will focus on a number of selected disciplines although it may not be restricted to these depending on changing priorities. A longer-term perspective will dominate the thematic approach to each discipline drawing upon the history, the current state and the immediate prospect. The details will be worked out by the experts concerned in consultation with the Executive Board and the relevant Select Committee. The first list of disciplines is presented below:

  1. Developing a road map for Universal Health Coverage
  2. Exploring the possibility of introducing Affordable Housing
  3. Identifying mechanism to deliver Pensions for Private Sector Employees
  4. Pinpointing strategies for Universal Skill-Based Education
  5. Accelerating Growth and Reducing Poverty and Inequality
  6. Transport, Urbanization and Land Use Issues
  7. Skill Development, Employment, Productivity and Labor Relations
  8. Social Development and Social Security
  9. Inclusive finance
  10. Climate Change, Environment and Resource Management
  11. Regional Cooperation and Development
  12. Global Economy and Development
  13. Political Economy of Development