Institute Structure – Leadership and Organization

IIP’s leadership and organization will comprise a President providing overall leadership in consultation with the Board of Trustees and networking with the world, Chief Operating Officer carrying out day to day business of the Institute and one Research Director in charge of overall research activities. These are paid staff. In addition, there will be paid and unpaid, resident and non-resident experts to undertake various activities including basic research combining theory and practice. An International Advisory Council comprising seven eminent persons of global repute shall meet biennially to take stock of IIP activities and provided guidance for the future. In addition, an Executive Board comprising IIP Trustees and the management of the Institute shall meet biannually to review its operations. The institute shall strive towards consensus building though all decisions shall be deemed to final on the basis of simple majority with a quorum of two-thirds of members present. This applies to both the Advisory Council and the Executive Board. Minutes of all meetings will be circulated to all members.