Newspaper Articles

Newspaper Articles

These Books/Book Chapters, Journal Articles, Policy papers and Reports were produced under different capacities and are not strictly publications of IIP.
1Bangladesh charts a cleaner, fairer way forward
2Looking Beyond the Law Women’s Property and Inheritance Right (FinalKP)

3pritecting consumer rights
4 Upholding right to freedom of expression through Internet
5Revisiting democracy and its practice in Bangladesh
6Turning The Tide Of RMG Labour Unrest
7Putting an End to Fatwa Violence
8Duty of the State
9Ban on Corporal Punishment in Upholding Rule of Law
10Women’s Rights and the Fourth Estate
11Stop Extra Judicial Killings: Respect and Establish an Effective Judiciary
12Ensuring Effective Policing: Bangladesh High Court’s Guidelines on Arrest Without Warrant

13Corruption, Democracy and Bangladesh
14Crisis in consensus: Is election a way forward
for Bangladesh?

15Poverty of political prescriptions
16Taking the Bangladesh story forward
17Navigating an unknown enemy
18At a complicated crossroads
19The immortality of Karl Marx
20Last window to tame the beast
21Foolish citizens and smart bureaucrats
22Everyone has a right to health
23Corona and the story of humanity
24We have framed the problem very incorrectly
25Bangladesh edging past India