The Proposal for the Future

IIP members believe Bangladesh can do better but there are many challenges. The admirable progress over the last four decades has raised the aspirations of this dynamic young nation as it seeks to attain an upper middle-income status by 2030. The incidence of poverty is still large in absolute terms and many people live marginally above the poverty (the near poor). While vulnerabilities have been reduced, climate change and environmental degradation continue to pose challenge. Strengthening institutions and improving governance are challenges that need continuous long-term efforts.

Going forward IIP is seeking to strengthen its financial and institutional foundation so that it can continue to promote global level connectivity in support of independent public discourse and research on ideas including longer term vulnerabilities of Bangladesh. The country will be facing many challenges going forward, such as: climate change, land scarcity, manpower planning, new technology, resource management, energy, longer term reform of political, administrative and financial governance, and managing aspirations of a dynamic young nation remains critical. In accordance with its objective IIP will mobilize the talent and time of the best of the best of professionals to address many of the longer-term challenges facing the country.